Jonathan Hayter

Although initially I  trained as a Graphic Designer graduating in 1982 from Berkshire College of Art and Design.I  spent most of my early creative careerworking  in puppetry and performance .

  It was only when I moved to Cornwall in 2009  , that I reconnected with my  first love ; painting and drawing.

 When met with the dramatic, atmospheric scenery  and features of the Cornish landscape  I began new creative explorations in paint. My visual arts interest in this area  began seriously for me  in 2010  .

It is this passion to paint and draw that  continues to drive my creativity forwards.Changing my creative inspiration in this way has meant  that  every new landscape I encounter becomes  either an  inward or external journey in seeing , drawing , painting and connecting with nature.

2008; `Gods and Demons` shadow puppet exhibition of work that appeared in ;
Tobacco Factory Bristol October 2008

2012; Light sculpture as part of the Cornwall Media Resource exhibition `In the
Dark Times;

2013; `The Dark Rooms`,Helston.Curated by Jesse Leroy Smith former Royal
College student and Tutor at Newlyn school of Art .Jonathan Exhibited his light

2013; `March Fourth`As part of artists experimenting in CMR`s artist –led space
Jonathan experimented with video and themes as part of a short residency;

2013;`Minescapes`;Heartland`s Atrium gallery june –august solo exhibition of work
that included painting , prints and sketches based on Jonathan`s own visual
exploration of the Post industrial Landscape of West Cornwall;

2013; submissions to the Penwith Gallery Christmas show.

2014;`4Directions` show at CMR –Combined show with JulietWalshe, Ron Ford,
and Donna Mitchell exploring an area of Bodmin Moor to create a group show;

2014; `Lost Landscapes`; Pictures and Things ;Helston.Solo show of sketches and
paintings exploring the less well known areas of landscapes with atmosphere and
ancient history,

Redruth `Inland festival`- projection of `Beyond the Moon` video art in meadow car
park, and interactive workshop for participants at CMR

Cornwall open studios 2015

2015;Maritime Artspace ,Falmouth;
`Human Landscapes` with sculptor Peter Brown .Development of expressive
landscape series

`The Lake, the wood &the Deathless Path` Fish Factory ,Penryn. An
installation/performance/ exhibition collaboration generated by Jonathan Hayter and
further exploration of landscape and self expression.with Sheila Ivey, Claude Bean,
Paul Slydel.

2016`Picturing the Mines` curated by Jesse Leroy Smith .One of the core artists
working on the installation at Gwennap Pit and celebrating 10 years of the World
Heritage status of the former Cornish mining sites in recognition of the contribution to
world heritage and culture .Also a key artist running print and paint workshops at
King Edward Mine as part of the project crowned with the performance of my
multimedia `sonic light` show ;` Minescapes`

2016 CMR `Digital Artists films` contributed `Sound on Vision` collaboration with
artist David Handford
Cornwall open studios 2017

2017 `Everything is `F**ked` group show at CMR;

2017 Old Bakery Studios residency including exhibition of paintings as well as
performances –Jan-july and creation of an expressive painting UV light corridor
based on Jonathans Landscape explorations;

In addition to the shows listed here for the last 4 years Jonathan has run the Life
drawing class at Krowji Redruth;
as well as help run the Lanner life class ;
my website;
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